Router Support

Today, every netizens life revolves around network connectivity using routers. No work can be completed without using them. Being a technical device, issues can arise anytime in the routers for which you would have to take router support from online Router technical support expert professionals.

Types of router

Depending upon the requirement of the user the router can be of following types:

For large enterprise

  • Edge Routers
These routers are normally configured to protocols like BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) from one ISP organization to another. These routers are named edge routers because they are placed on the edges.
  • Core Routers
The devices that are placed inside the office as a backbone rather than on its periphery are termed as the Core Routers.
  • Subscriber Edge Routers
End user enterprise / ISP employ these types of routers, configured for external BGP.

For Small Office / Home Office (SOHO)

  • Wired Routers
The name itself suggests that these routers are connected using wires to the computers. Because of the LAN and Ethernet connection, they provide great speed.
  • Wireless Routers
Wired routers are not considered user-friendly, that is why Wi-Fi zones are being created using Wireless routers. Due to the data sharing over the numerous connected device like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the speed may becomes deplorable sometimes. Yet wireless routers are most preferred in SOHO.

Router Brands US Connect Solutionsprovide support for

Router preferences changes according to the needs. US Connect Solutions Router technical support specializes in troubleshooting any sort of issues in:

  • Belkin Router
  • Netgear Router
  • Linksys Router
  • D-Link Router
  • Asus Router
  • CISCO Router
In case you have any problem regarding configuring and installing your router to get the most of Internet, reach US Connect Solutions team of experts offering router support 24/7