Operating Systems Support

The operating system is the most vital system software/program that performs elementary tasks of computer such as accepting input from the input devices, sending output to the display screen, keeping record of files and directories on the disk, administering peripheral and external devices etc.
Every computer, Laptop, Smartphone or tablet needs an operating system to run other programs, applications and connect with an external device.

Classification of Operating systems:

Operating Systems can be classified into following categories:
Multi-user: This OS enables more than two users to run any program or application at the same time.
Multiprocessing: This OS allows running a program on more than one CPU at a same time.
Multi threading: This OS enables various parts of a single computer program to run alongside.
Multitasking: This OS enables more than one program to run parallel with others.
Real time: This OS is known for its instant response to the inputs given by input and external devices.

Operating System Solutions offered

US Connect Solutions tech support offers instant online OS support for both mobile and desktop. Our Support solutions include:
1. Online Operating System Support for Desktop- This involves set-up, upgrade and troubleshooting support for Desktop Operating systems such as,

  • Windows OS
  • Linux OS
  • Chrome OS
  • Mac OS
2. Online Mobile Operating System Support for Mobile- This involves set-up, upgrade and troubleshooting support for Mobile Operating systems such as,
  • Android OS
  • Windows OS
  • iOS OS
  • Blackberry OS
We offer OS troubleshooting solutions for following issues related with operating System:
  • Vulnerabilities and Bugs
  • Malware, Spyware and viruses removal
  • Improper Configuration issues
  • Hardware Failure issues
  • Software compatibility issues
  • Set-up, installation, upgrade and re-installation
  • Networking issues
  • Device compatibility issues
  • External Device Driver set-up
  • Internet security
  • Hardware and Software updates
  • RAM and Hard-disk memory issue
  • Errors and Freezes
  • Data Loss
  • Performance issues
If you’re facing any of the above-mentioned issues with your Operating system, contact the online operating system support experts anytime.