Gaming Support

Do you often play games? Gaming has always been very famous hobby among people. In the current digital era, gaming consoles have been developed with advanced features and graphics which are meant to provide live gaming experience to users.
However, your gaming experience could be interrupted by hardware issues or error. This is where we play our part, by providing online gaming technical support.

Common Gaming Devices

US Connect Solutions tech support offers gaming solutions for following gaming consoles:

  • Sony Playstation : Developed and designed by Sony Computer Entertainment, it was first introduced in 1994 as original PlayStation console. It stands among the most popular gaming consoles.
  • Xbox: Developed by Microsoft, it was launched in 2001. Till date, three consoles have been released in the sixth, seventh, and eighth generations respectively.
  • Nvidia: NVIDIA offers 3D gaming experience for PC without the need for special game patches. Currently Nvidia produces handheld Shield Portable, Shield Tablet and Tegra Note 7.

Solutions offered

US Connect Solutions tech support offers instant Gaming Technical Support for the following issues:

  • Installation and set-up of consoles
  • Errors and hardware troubleshooting
  • Game access issue
  • Internet problems
  • LAN network problems
If you’re facing any issues with your gaming console, get in touch with the Gaming support team.