US Connect Solutions Inc.

After establishing a trusted name in US, UK, Canada, and Australia, usconnectsolutions offers 24X7 online remote technical support all round the year, to resolve all technical challenges you might face. Your needs/issues are carefully addressed by certified technicians who’re trained to offer reliable solutions.


No problem exists without a solution. Just find the right 'someone' to hit the bull's eye!

Gadget and you cannot be distinguished today. Every day thousands of new software and hundreds of hardware are hitting the market, even more complicating the way technology is being adapted into daily routine.
This is where US Connect Solutions steps forward to and excels in serving the IT needs of not-so-tech-indulgent people and sometimes even to those who are not normally in this category. Do everything you wish to, powered by technology and unhindered facilitated by US Connect Solutions


A tech hassle? That too with a very bad timing?
We have a solution for everyone of them. Just let us know!

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What Our Clients Say

  • I was having problems with my Desktop and didn’t know what to do. I decided to check Yelp. US Connect Solutions.  looked like a good place to go according to the reviews plus it’s not far from my house. I was very happy that I went there. They diagnosed the problem and called me within a few hours (needed new hard drive) and had it fixed and ready for me to pick up by the next morning.
    Mark Jefferson
  • I was looking for cutting edge computer networking solutions along with new PC setup & security. I really get the best solution from US Connect Solutions. . 24/7 round the clock customer service and on call services really gives me extreme satisfaction level. Thanks again to US Connect Solutions. , I really got the best computer diagnose solution.
    Emily Jhonson